Opportunities at Carleton Biophotonics Research Group


We are a medical physics group led by Dr. Sangeeta Murugkar in the Department of Physics at Carleton University.

Our goal is to develop optical methods that enable rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective and highly accurate disease diagnostics and treatment

Why should you join our group ?
  • We have Fun with light: build lego-like optics, manipulate and tame light!
  • Light can save lives: if you want to make a real difference in this world with your work, then medical physics is for you!
  • CAMPEP accredited PhD program: We are one of the very few optical imaging groups in a CAMPEP accredited medical physics program.
  • Ottawa Medical Physics Institute (OMPI): We are part of the big OMPI network of medical physicists in Ottawa
Academic background requirement

BSc (Physics/ Engineering Physics) or MSc (Physics/ Biomedical Engineering)

Skills preferred: Experience with hands-on optical beam alignment, MATLAB, machine learning Healthy dose of curiosity, lots of problem solving, and dash of imagination


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the CBRG, under the excellent supervision of Dr. Murugkar. The lab environment is friendly and engaging, with broad multidisciplinary collaboration. I've especially appreciated the biomedical focus of the research; I found it very motivating to know that my work could be used to improve patient care.
[ Ben Hansson, summer research assistant & Physics Honors project student (2017-2019) ]

Sangeeta is a great supervisor to have. She is very supportive and ambitious, and she will help you do your best. With her guidance, I explored many opportunities and projects that have helped me in my academic career.
[ Hamid Moradi, MASc Biomedical Engineering student (2016-2018) ]


For more information, please contact
Professor Sangeeta Murugkar
Department of Physics, Carleton University