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The goal of the LAMPE (Laser-Assisted Medical Physics and Engineering) Laboratory team is to develop optical methods based on Raman Spectroscopy (RS) and NonLinear Optical (NLO) imaging that enable rapid, non-invasive, cost-effective and highly accurate disease diagnostics and treatment. Using near-infrared laser light to excite vibrations of molecular chemical bonds (in RS), and nonlinear interactions with molecules (in NLO imaging), these methods provide highly detailed chemical, structural and functional information about cells and tissues in real time, without the use of external contrast agents (label-free). In combination with machine learning techniques, this enables us to effectively identify, quantify and differentiate between the response of cells and tissue exposed to different types of external stress such as disease and ionizing radiation. The ultimate goal of this research is to translate these optical techniques to the clinical and diagnostic lab setting.

Current research projects include the development of:

  • High spatial resolution dosimetry techniques to evaluate the ionizing radiation energy deposited in microscopic targets. This is significant for advances in areas of novel radiation therapy treatments [ Med. Biol. 63, 025002 (2018); Med. Phys. Submitted (2020)].
  • RS and NLO imaging to provide “optical biopsy”. This has applications in the early detection of disease, as well as for the rapid and non-invasive, in vivo detection of cancer margins [ Biomed. Opt. 23(6), 1-7 (2018) and J. Biophotonics e202000289.(2020)].
  • Compact, portable RS and NLO systems. Our recent work demonstrating compact silicon photomultipliers for multimodal NLO detection, is crucial for future clinical translation.  [Optics Lett. 45(8), (2020) and Photonics West abstract accepted (2021)].
Raman spectra of control and hydrogen peroxide-treated blood
Mean of the Raman spectra of control and hydrogen peroxide-treated blood. Clear separation is seen in the PCA scatter plot.
Coherent Raman Image



Dr. Frederic Leblond and Dr. Dominique Trudel, Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
University of Ottawa
Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden, the Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research, University of Ottawa.
University of Ottawa
Dr. Hanan Anis and Dr. Robert Boyd, University of Ottawa.
University of Toronto
Dr. Brian Wilson, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto and the Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto.
Health Canada
Dr. Vinita Chauhan, Dr. Sami Qutob and Dr. Ruth Wilkins in the Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection.
The Ottawa Hospital
Dr. Balazs Nyiri, Medical Physicist at the Ottawa Hospital.